A semi-realistic, semi-literate RP of humans, horses. Two ranches compete to have the best horses on their lots.
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PostSubject: Jobs   Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:57 pm

Thanks Guest, for taking the time to review the jobs here on CNL. Please review all the of the jobs before deciding on what you want to be.

Ranch Jobs

Horse Trainer- They break wild horses, train horses in racing, riding, show and work. They also help horses get use to human contact when they haven't had much interaction.

Ranch Hand- They mainly take care of the horses and the property. They Turn horses out into the pastures, fixing things, bathing horses, grooming, tacking and untacking horses and lunging horses.

Stable Boy/Girl- They muck out the stalls, feed and water the horses and they clean the horse tack.

Town Jobs

Bar Tender/Owner- They run the bar and make sure things go smoothly and hire others who wish to be bar tenders while the bar tenders work on cleaning the bar and tending to the customers.

Hardware Store Owner/Cashier- The owner  maintains the hardware store as well as hiring cashiers who tend to the customers and stock shelves.

Grocery Store Clerk/Owner- The owner of the grocery store hires cashiers while cashiers help the customers and stock shelves.

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