A semi-realistic, semi-literate RP of humans, horses. Two ranches compete to have the best horses on their lots.
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PostSubject: Calli   Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:50 pm

B.A.S.I.C  I.N.F.O

Calli Henson

22 Years Old




Ranch Owner

P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L  I.N.F.O

Calli is relatively shy once you first meet her but once she gets to know you and grows to trust you, that's when her outgoing and playful side shows through. She's quiet and independent for the most part and has been since losing her parents. Calli is a very attentive woman though most of the time it may not seem as such because of her shy and reserved self.
Calli isn't much of a flirt, nor does she really put herself out there or sleep around but that's because she's been hurt in the past and now she's just waiting for the right guy.

Calli is a pretty girl with light colored fair skin, with brown hair that falls mid-way down her back. She isn't very tall, standing at 5'2". Her frame is small. Calli is a very petite woman and sometimes she feels like others are towering over her but that doesn't stop her from being who she is. She has pretty blue eyes that complement her face quite nicely. 

• Horses- Her love for horses has always been true. She's had them in her life for as long as she can remember. They are gorgeous and magnificent creatures that Calli knows she'd never be able to live without.  

• Dogs- A dog is definitely a girls best friend and if anyone was to deny that things probably wouldn't play over to well. 

• Drawing- She enjoys drawing though doesn't have a lot of free time to do so anymore since fixing up the ranch.

• People who dislike animals- She is an animal person and does not like those who do not like animals or who treat animals badly. 

• Criminals- She's never been a big fan of criminals and never will be. She doesn't like the bad boys or those who put on a show.

• Liars- She doesn't trust many as it is and it takes a lot of time for her to trust others and the moment she's lied to is the last time she'll be lied to by you. 

• Self-control

• Confident in herself

• Honest 

• Quick learner

• Very Pessimistic 

• Being Shy

• Over Working

Losing your parents at a young age is a hard thing to go through and that was just what Calli had to go through when she was just 13 years of age. Her parents were killed in a car accident and she was sent to live with her grandparents at Creek Side Ranch. Her grandparents owned and maintained the ranch for many many years before growing too old to continue with it. 

When Calli turned 19 she lost both of her grandparents within 6 months of each other and to her surprise she was left the Ranch and a good sum of money to get herself wherever she needs to or wants to be in life. She was completely unsure of what she wanted to do in life. She was alone and now owned 10 acres of land that was broken down and needed lots of work. It took Calli a long time to decide on what she wanted to do but what she chose wasn't what she had expected to do. 

Calli began to work on the ranch and get things together. She has spent the last 2 years getting things ready and making the ranch a livable place for animals once more. She had decided that the ranch wasn't for sale and could never be for sale and that she wanted to do her grandparents proud so she took the money that was left to her and spent it on fixing up fencing, leveling the grounds and fixing up the horse barn. 

She has spent a lot of time fixing up the Ranch and now feels it's time to open the ranch up to the public to allow them to board their horses at the ranch. She's nervous but is looking forward to the faces and the animals.

She doesn't have a crush on anyone. 

.:Significant Other:.
She doesn't have a significant other though she is looking for the perfect someone.

She has no children other than her pets.

E.X.T.R.A  I.N.F.O
She owns a horse named Cyanide and a dog named Jax.



.:Secret Phrase:.
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